Diane Leone | Marketing & Branding Strategist


These are the services I offer!
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Strategic Marketing

As a certified social media professional, I help clients be social and successful with their online marketing and public relations as well as their traditional marketing needs. Video is the future of digital marketing and the future is here! I offer Personalized Smart Video-storyboards, content, and production!

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Writer | Speaker | Trainer

I am an author of two commercially published books and numerous articles on business, travel, and lifestyle. As a professional speaker and trainer, there are many topics to discuss. Being an entrepreneur, marketing, social media, photography, travel writing, , interior design and so much more.

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LIfestyle & Design

I am a professional Interior Designer adept at reading blueprints and managing new construction design projects. Capturing beautiful settings, beautiful design, and lifestyle settings is always something I love to share.

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Health and Wellness

As a health and wellness advocate, I speak on eating healthy and living a healthy lifestyle. I advocate eating to live and eating organic, being active, and healthy.