November 19, 2019

Education Experience & Passion

Books on education and study text

I have a passion for excellence in education! I was appointed by the Governor of Florida to serve on 3 state education advisory boards where I learned a great amount about how education works at the local, state, and federal levels. I served on the following boards:


  • PEPC – Post-secondary Education Planning Commission – Commissioners were appointed by the Governor of Florida. Advised the Governor and Legislature on current education topics; awarded grants to universities; worked on projects and research at the request of the Governor. Examples of work:


  • CEPRI – The Council for Education Policy Research and Improvement was a citizen board for independent policy research and analysis. It was housed under the Office of Legislative Services and members were appointed by the Governor of Florida. The Council was required by the Legislature (Chapters 2001-170, Laws of Florida) to conduct and review education research, provide independent analysis on education progress, and provide evaluation of education issues of statewide concern. CEPRI did the following work:
  • Chair of the Career Academy Committee – I believe in helping all students be successful and find their path forward. Career academies offer that to many students. They also engage the community to serve on the board of the Academy and create schools with a school for smaller classrooms and more targeted learning.
  • I also served on the Home Development Career Academy for the Jacksonville, FL Chamber of Commerce.

St. Johns River State College

I served on the Board of Trustees of St. Johns River State College and my final term, I served as the first female Chair of the Board of Trustees for St. Johns River State College. During my tenure, I served on the search committee and played a pivotal role in hiring the current President of the college. I also served on the committee to re-brand the college.